Popol Book

The idea behind Popol Book comes from the Maya's "Popol Vuh" (K'iche' for "Council Book" or "Book of the Community") which contains a creation myth. The project will engage Indigenous communities in a preservationist crusade to maintain and continue to develop their cultural traditions through the use of new media technologies.

The Purpose

Indigenous communities have always been the target of exploitation in any form and researchers have not being the exception. Many times researchers go to these communities and study them and after they leave the communities face the same or even worst conditions than when the researcher first came.

The FIRME Process

The acronym for Film Inquiry Research Media Education and also the spanish word for firm, the FIRME process is an essential part of Popol Book. The FIRME process is designed to train communities in action research using new media technology. The program is modeled after the nationally recognized Summer Youth Action Research Institute of ICR (Institute for Community Research) in Hartford, Connecticut.


Campecine Film Festival. (Founded in 2007) Campecine Film Festival is a yearly, two-day, youth-led, participatory film festival designed to feature the “varriomentary” (documentary) films produced by youth through LYC’s FIRME process. Campecine uses the youth-produced films to engage local youth of all backgrounds, as well as the general public, in civic conversations on pressing issues of community concern, such as immigration, equity in education, racism, gang behavior, and teen pregnancy. (www.firmeproductions.com)


The P'urhépechas

  • The P'urhépecha, sometimes referred to as Tarascan or Purépecha are an indigenous people centered in the northwestern region of the Mexican state Michoacán, principally in the area of the cities of Uruapan and Patzcuaro.
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